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About us

Welcome to Renegade Lemonade.

We are delighted to share our fantastic, award-winning lemon wine and have you experience our best kept secret.

Love is in the Lemons

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Meet the Owners

In 2020, Alex and Brady Reiter, two people with a passion for wine and a lot of time on their hands, set out to do the unimaginable: turn LEMONS into WINE!

Renegade Lemonade is a handcrafted lemon wine, as refreshing as it is bold. With its exquisite balance of tart and sweet, Renegade Lemonade pairs perfectly with cheese, salads, pasta, chicken, seafood and desserts. Best served chilled.

When life gives you lemons...turn them into Renegade Lemonade. We hope you enjoy the lemon love as much as we do!

Be Bold, Be a Renegade

Be Bold, Be a Renegade

Contact us directly by emailing us, social media, and filling out the form on the bottom of our home page! Click the link below to reach us.

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Introducing our puppy sons!

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Chief Osceola or "Chief" is the son of Renegade. Chief is named for Chief Osceola, The Seminole Indian who rides on his horse, Renegade, and are two of the most recognizable symbols in College Football. Chief enjoys eating, drinking, and napping. He likes to think he is the boss, and he certainly lets everyone know it! In fact, one of his nicknames is "Boss baby."


Renegade is a stud and is our first "son." Both Alex and Brady are graduates of Florida State University and they named Renegade after FSU's mascot, the Appaloosa horse.

His name was the driving force and inspiration for the wine not only because of our love for FSU, but for the positive connotation of the word "Renegade." Someone who is BOLD, courageous, and a trail blazer. Renegade is a stud for Someday Doodles of Cartersville, Georgia and is a mini goldendoodle. His favorite activity is going for a car ride!

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